Hello Arnold,

> need to do these transfers step by step and stop it in case of problem. I
> can’t download or upload several files in same times; that’s why I’m using
> synchronous methods and not asynchronous.

I understeand, but that is not a reason to go sync or async. For example
if you need to execute code after a button has clicked you also dont
write sequetial code, I assume you put it in OnClick. Wit async
components it is the same, and event is the signal to execute next
action, and depending on the state of the several events and eventually
the error codes the next action can be different.

> And for the timeout, if I asked if there  is  a method to know the
> connection type or connection speed, it’s because users can use this system
> with high speed connection or very low speed connection.

If you use async you dont have to worry. Winsock will timeout / drop the
connection / whatever.

> My English is not very good so I hope that I’m clear !

It's clear. English is not my mother's tongue also :)

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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