Hello Arnold,

 Correct, if I'm not mistaken you in fact only need OnRequestDone to
 check the flow / errors / do next action.

 There you check ErrCode, if > 0 there is server or winsock error.
 winsock error  >= 10000. Also check RequestType to check the state of
 the component. You probably want to make a case statement around it.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Thursday, July 6, 2006, 11:08, Arnold FLUTEAUX wrote:

> Hello Wilfried,
> It’s true that it’s OK in sync mode with increasing or decreasing the
> timeout but I want to try the async mode. So, I put my code in RequestDone
> event and I launch async method step by step in testing the errcode
> (parameter of RequestDone).
> Are you sure that all errors will pass in requestDone with an ErrCode>0 ? I
> test only ErrCode. I don’t need to test other things in others events ?
> Hello Arnold,
>> It’s stupid because I had finished my tool !!! I hope that it’s almost the
>> same thing to do !
> If it is finished and working well then no need to change. It is not the
> same, but consider for a new project. It is not the same, it is
> different, but you have more control and you are very sure your program
> is never in some waiting loop.
> Just assign code to OnRequestDone event. There you check for server
> error or winsock error. In that event you take next action depending on
> success or failure of previous action. You probably have to write a
> state machine to know the state of the application because you are
> always coming in the same event handler.
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