OK I havn't explain very well my problem.
I don't have unplugged the network cable, I cut off the client connection on
my FTP server.
Then an error is triggered in RequestDone with an error. And I know that
there is a disconnection because I kill the client connection but Connected
property is always set to True and ControlSocket.state is not set to
In fact, the ICSFTPClient says me that it's always connected to server.
I hope that my explanations are more clear.
Dan wrote:
> Maybe you have only detected the disconnection of the data socket and
> the 
> control socket will follow that? 
I only wonder why CtrlSocket.State is wsClosed while Connected still
is TRUE? Usually when you unplug the network cable there's no error
unless you try to send something or keep-alive packets are being sent
in the background. 
> I'm not sure how disconnections with
> the 
> data socket are handled.  Maybe someone else knows?
RequestDone is triggered with an error.
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