Hello.  I am experiencing some very strange symptoms with some programs that
communicate using ICS.  


Summary: The programs communicate fine (stable and consistent) when they are
run on DIFFERENT machines.  However, when run on the SAME machine, the
communication between the programs is very unpredictable (sporadic failures,
varying in frequency).  In contrast to this, there are CERTAIN machines,
where they DO run fine (stable and consistent) on the same machine.  Oddly
the working machines have Delphi installed on them and the failing machines
do NOT have Delphi installed on them (which shouldn't matter).


Detail: (sorry so long)


I have implemented a thin client architecture using a basic Server / Client
pattern.  Meaning, there are two programs; one functions as a Server
(actually a Broker) using TWSocketServer and another Client program uses
TWSocket.  The Client program initiates the connection and generates TCP
traffic of a varying nature, depending upon specific user activities.  The
sessions are persistent (the client stays connected for the life of the
application).  The session traffic uses my own packetized protocol,
something I have done many times (including with ICS).


The Server uses a single TWSocketServer on the Main Form for all
communications, meaning no Server based threads for TCP handling.  However,
while processing inbound packets from the Client program, it does hand some
chores off to a thread pool that does the mundane chores (DB lookups, etc).
A thread may or may not send one or more packets to the client, depending
upon the particular protocol chore they were handling (requesting data of
different types, reporting on Client interface activities, etc).  The
Server's outbound packet calls via the TWSocketClients all funnel through
one critical section, which should provide thread safety for outbound


There are a few other items that may worth noting. 


There is an additional load balancing program (Router) that is not directly
engaged in the session.  The Client first connects to the Router, which
provides Server connection information to the Client.  The Client
disconnects from the Router and re-connects to the directed Server.  There
is an Admin channel between the Router and Server (Broker) that provides
intelligent load balancing info, which OBVIOUSLY uses a SEPARATE socket
interface, distinct from Client / Server channel.


Additionally, this all occurs on top of my own Secure Channel
implementation, which uses bi-directional BlowFish encryptors and multiple
private keys to seed various encryption and randomizing algorithms.


Also, I am using a MySQL Database via the MicroOLAP MySQLDAC components,
which MicroOLAP claims is thread safe and appears generally to be.


Oddly, the Client and Server programs work fine when both are running on my
2 development machines.  (As a result, I didn't catch this issue until later
in development, like before a demo. :-( ).  However, when I try to run both
of them on any other machine (so far), they communicate very poorly.
Basically, they experience symptoms of random packet drops, but I don't
think that is actually the case.  I can't really tell, because I can not
reproduce the scenario on a development machine where I could trace and
debug the issue.  The session will just hang, usually during the handshaking
stage (Channel setup), but not always.


However, if the Server and Client are on DIFFERENT machines, they work
wonderfully, no problems at all, no matter what MACHINES they are on.


I have tried a BUNCH of things to attempt to isolate and / or alleviate the
problem.  I have changed the Threading property on the Server Socket, which
seems to have no effect.  I have also tried using local MySQL Server vs.
Remote MySQL server, no effect either way.  As well as a many other tests /
solutions.  All to no avail.


I am stumped in a big way.  I understand that this is a really complicated
implementation and my issue could be caused by a NUMBER of things.  However,
most of my testing seems to isolate the issue to the communications layer,
for some unknown reason.  I have never seen a scenario where the programs
run fine from different machines, but won't work on the same machine.  I am
really hoping someone might have seen something similar?  Could it be a
WinSock bug?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks much.



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