>>> assign the sAcceptSocket to property TWSocket.Handle?
>> That's what Dup() is all about. Dup() assign a socket handle to an
>> existing TWSocket instance.
> Sure, but I was asking because of this note in the docs:
> When this operation is successfully completed, sAcceptSocket can be 
> passed, but to the following functions only:
> ReadFile
> WriteFile
> send
> WSASend
> recv
> WSARecv
> TransmitFile
> closesocket
> setsockopt (only for SO_UPDATE_ACCEPT_CONTEXT)

Dup() save the socket handle in a TWSocket property for later calling 
winsock function.
The function list you give is rather short. Other winsock functions maybe 
called, for example GetSockName, Shutdown, IoctlSocket...
So limiting TWSocket to call only the mentionned function would result in a 
drastically reduced feature list and would need a flag to raise an exception 
if an unallowed function is called. It could work.


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