Just wanted to say thanks for the great input over the weekend!


I will consider the input.  Francois, you are right, that particular part of
the initial handshaking exchange probably is a flaw in the implementation,
although it is a requirement in the protocol design.  In the protocol
design, it is not possible to prepare the CHANNEL before sending the packet,
as modifying the channel parameters before the Client is ready will result
in a garbled reception by the Client.  The packet buffering to prepare the
packet before re-syncing the channel works fine.  That is the only place in
the protocol design where that is a weakness.  Every other packet exchange
is basically non-modal and can occur in any random or unpredictable order.  


I guess I assumed that because I was not RECEIVING multi-threaded, or
calling any message processing loops, or implementing any custom message
pumps, that I wouldn't experience a sequencing issue of that nature.
Obviously, I was wrong. :-)


Thanks again.




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