Somebody else requested that the debug messages be conditionally defined so
you can probably expect that soon.
As for the problem, I think you could just turn off range checking for your
project for the time being.


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On 8/2/06, Francois PIETTE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > 008d7c34 +064 REMINDER.EXE OverbyteIcsWndControl  525  +1
> > TIcsWndControl.Dispose
> Can you point the exact source code ? It is likely that your line numbers
> doesn't match my line numbers. Show the offending line and a few before
> after so that we can locate exactly which istruction trigger the range
> error.
> In my source code, line 525 is:
>    OutputDebugString(PChar('Dispose ' + ClassName + ' ThreadID=' +
> IntToStr(GetCurrentThreadId)));
> It is possible that GetCurrentThreadId return an unsigned integer which
> could not fit into an integer required for IntToStr (an integer in the
> 2G to 4G). You may simply remove that line since it is for debugging
> purpose, or fix it like this:

Thanks for responding..

This is the same line I have. The problem is that same code is all
over the place in the source. Is there another version of the source
without those debug statements or with conditional compilation

I need the code for the UDP packet sending as bullet-proof as
possible. Would you recommend programming it in something less
powerful than ICS - possibly the standard Delphi sockets? I can't use
Indy as it also cause some obscure error and I don't care to
inconvenience the Indy people anymore.  I am running the server here
on on eo fmy machines with ICS code with no problems.

The machine the error is happening on is a Windows 98SE machine and so
far, it is just that one computer.

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