> I call my DLL from a perl script, so i don't know how to debug that in XP.
> But I made a Delphi test appl now, and there it works without hangings.

No problem to debug from a perl script. Open your DLL project in Delphi.
>From the execute menu, select parameters and enter your perl script
interpreter in the host application. Enter any command line needed. Place a
breakpoint in your DLL. Then run (F9). Delphi will launch perl interpreter
and when it call your DLL and hit your breakpoint, you are in a debugging
session just like all the time.

> I have a DLL with a ICS FTP client and a DLL with a ICS Telnet Client
> and they both make the same hanging when called from perl scripts.

It is like that the perl interpreter lacks a message pump. Try the IcsDll
sample delivered with ICs and see if it hang when called from Perl. I'm sure
it doesn't... This demo use a thread with his own message pump to avoid
relying on an external message pump.

> My other DLL's called from perl don't have this problem.

They probably don't use windows messages.

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