<< The List argument is taken for HostFileName. What is done with the
argument is totally under server's control.>>

But I'm trying to retrieve a list of filenames from the ftp server, not just
one "HostFileName." And there is no file on the server that contains a
listing of files itself (such as an "Index.html" or whatever). I need to be
able to specify a directory name on the server, and get a listing of all the
filenames under that directory. Is that possible with ICS/List? Or should I
use the Directory() method instead? (My understanding is that Directory() is
used to retrieve a listing of directory names, not a list of files within a

<<Usually it select which files are listed (for example *.txt). The
directory to which the list command applies is the current working directory
you can change using the cwd() method.>>

The CWD Boolean function does not take any arguments. Does this mean that it
changes the working directory to what you have assigned to the HostDirName
property? I thought setting HostDirName would be all that was needed...


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