Hi Angus

Do you use a different ADO connection for every query (my app does)?

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:12 +0100 (BST), you wrote:

>  > There is a (very) subtle bug in ADO
>  > that means ADO async threads sometimes hang when they are released.
>  > This happens about one time in 100,000 calls (by hang I mean they do
>  > not return -- the app still runs as they are in a message loop).   
>  I'm currently testing a new application that is writing approximately 
>  five to 20 SQL records a second asynchronously using ADO to five 
>  different tables, several million rows over the last two weeks, all 
>  running essentially with a single thread with approximately 20 wsockets 
>  listening and sending (and two serial async threads).  I've not seen any 
>  ADO hangs.  
>  I do get 'Operation cannot be performed while executing asynchronously' 
>  about once a day, where I close the database, reopen it and then post 
>  the queued records, but this might be a fault in my own logic.  My 
>  testing is with an XP Pro service against SQL Server 2005 Express 
>  running on Windows 2000 Server.  
>  Angus

Rob Chafer
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