With the HTTP Server though you will get the whole HTTP request even if 
it has been split up in to multiple packets at the TCP level?

Markus Humm wrote:

>if a client on a LAN sends a packet with e.g. 512 Bytes and TCP splits
>it up internaly to e.g. 4x128 Bytes will the receiver get 4x the
>OnDataAvailable event, or 1x with the whole 512 Byte?
>So needs the sender to have a larger buffer to be able to concatenate
>such packets before he can check and process them? if yes, has anybody a
>ringbuffer implementation he would share? Otherwise I'm toying with the
>idea to use a string as buffer so I can add chars and delete some from
>the beginning of the buffer as needed, but I don't know whether memory
>fragmentation is a issue here (D2006 with FastMM).

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