in one app. of mine I've used your FTP-client component which works well
for the local FTP-server used for testing (sitting on the same machine
as the app. so communication is to there).

When I test it now with a remote FTP-server to be used later (a server
of a webhoster) I can log in but when uploading I get this:

StatusCode = 501
Last reply : '501 PORT command denied for privileged ports.'

When I try to upload a file with my FTP-programm it works, but this one
issues a port command before.

a) why do I need this? My own app. has all rights on the local
   firewall now

b) in the port command the FTP-program gives the dynamic IP adress
   the ISP assigned me when I started the internet connection. How can
   my app. reliably detect this address?

c) are the two ports my FTP-program uses simply "random" numbers or
   have they to be something special?


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