> So perhaps we should assume Services are more kernel-level than 
> user-level in terms of being able to crash Windows?!

There are service applications and service drivers, the latter are 
obviously running at a lower level but can not be created using Delphi. 

Service applications are no different to interactive applications, 
except for recognising extra control messages.  But if they misbehave on 
start-up, Windows will wait 30 seconds or more for a response delaying 
the boot process.  If other services are dependent on ones that won't 
start, they won't run either.  

The worst case I've seen was two years ago when a Sun Java runtime 
timebomb (an expired certificate) caused any programs needed the runtime 
to hang, including the APC power management drivers used to power down 
PCs when batteries are failing, which somehow caused several other 
services to die, in thousands of servers around the world, on the same 
day.  Moral is never trust any program dependencies, runtimes in 
particular, like Java, Perl or .net. 

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