>> I'm really sad for Borland....  another chance stupidly wasted...  Who
>> was the genius that "creates" the "non-extensibility idioturbo model"

I totally disagree.  This is an awesome *FREE* deal for people who want to 
start to develop their own apps, or create "quick-and-dirty" tools.  The 
component set that is included with the free version is pretty comprehensive.  
It will let hobbyists get started with the languages and the UI, and then they 
can upgrade to the Pro version (which I believe will only cost around $300.00) 
to be able to add 3rd party components.

For those of us that remember programming in Turbo Pascal 20 years ago, this is 
a return to their roots, and anyone who thinks they are stupid for offering a 
free development environment that is slick and produces pretty fast code 
probably isn't their target market.  

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