Ok sorry sorry ! I’ve found my error. I’ve put a processmessage in «
progress » event.




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I’ve checked side server in StorDataAvailable event and I don’t receive all.
So my problem comes side client but I don’t know where. 

I ‘m in Async  mmode end binary mode (TYPE = I).

Thanks for help



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With the same file (it’s a text file)  of 

 Kb, I receive always 8760 bytes in RAS connection only at 56 kb speed not
in LAN. 

You talk about “message pump”, what message pump; I don’t understand. Sorry




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One very common programming error which could create file corruption is to 
call the message pump directly or indirectly from one of the ICS component 
event handler.
Would be interesting to compare received file and sent file.
Are the files always corrupted in the same way or is there some random 
patern ?
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> Hi
> I've a problem with FTP client component. I'm using with .NET. I want to 
> put
> a file with small size (equal to 12 kb for example). It's ok in LAN but
> doesn't in RAS connexion. I lost bytes. With my sample file, I upload only
> 8760 BYTES on 11 kb. I'm using the component with putasync method. Have 
> you
> got an idea ?
> And on server side, all seems happened good => storDataAvalable and
> storsessionclosed OK.
> Thanks.
> Arnold


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