to my problem I found something out: if I disable processing of these
commands up to 100.000 and more are stored in the queue, so the sending
and receiving of them via ICS works well.

The receiving uses a tight loop to extract all commands out of the
ringbuffer and stores them in the queue. After storing one command the
processing thread will be informed via PostThreadMessage, but obviously
it doesn't come to work, maybe that other loop is too tight and occurs
all the time so the other thread never gets time to do anything real.

My idea is now to slow down this tight loop just a tiny little bit so
that the other thread can do his work. I could do it via sleep or I
could stop TWSocket's receiving for a short time. Or I could change my
protocol so that the next command may only be sent after the receiver
acknowledged the prior command. If some fool would'nt keep at this and
still send in a tight loop he could overrun the server, but since all
senders will be programmed by me this won't be a problem (unless
somebody tries to "misuse" the connection).

a) what would be better/best?
b) what is the minimum time sleep can sleep (Win2K/XP)
c) how to pause and resume TWSocket and can there data be lost?



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