> I'm a bit confused about all the Borland Hype on products.  Is the 
> Turbo Delphi equivalent to the Delphi 5 that I am currently
> running?  Or are there some sort of restrictions that prevent it 
> from using Active X  controls and all the existing library stuff
> including the twsocket code?

There are two 'turbo' product lines.

Turbo Delphi Professional is effectively Delphi 10 Professional and 
costs about the same as the single Delphi compilers used to, just a more 
recent version of Delphi 5 with the same library and component support.  
It is a cut down version of Borland Developer Studio 2006 which includes 
lots of .net and c++ stuff you'll probably never want to use. 

Turbo Delphi Explorer is really Delphi 10 Personal and is free, except 
it can be used for commercial development but in theory does not support 
any third party components, unless you patch the code.  There's a rumour 
the hot fixes might fix some of methods people have found to install 
components in the Explorer version. 

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