I saw the DNSLoopkup and NSLook1 ICS's demos and got some basic
understanding, but some doubts persists.

What kind (type) of info will DNSQuery will supply to me in way that I must
use in the SMTP connection with recipient's SMTP server ?


On 9/21/06, marcos nobre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I know that the question is a FAQ one, but I don't understand some parts
> of explained solution.
> Let me say...
> All you need to do is find out the recipient's SMTP server.  You can do
> this by checking the MX record of a DNS lookup to the *@ domain.com* part
> of the address.  Then you just connect to that SMTP server and send the
> email as usual.
> As you can see, I've 2 doubts:
> 1) How can I check the MX record of a DNS lookup ? I would have to use
> TDNSQuery to do this ? Can any one give me a little peace of code to do this
> checking ?
> 2) How I will be able to connect in the SMTP server if I only have the
> email account and I do not have the password? What do you mean with
> "connect" ?
> TIA,
> MNobre
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