Hi Kris,

Thank you for your reply.

The code is written using Borland C++ and I don't think this will solve 
my problem.

Thank you anyway
» Juan Carlos Seguí                 »

Kris Leech escribió:
> Juan Carlos - CAE wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> This is my first post to the list.
>> I'm porting a Windows service to Linux using the ICS components for 
>> Kylix3. I've almost finished the porting but I've a little problema that 
>> I don't know how to solve. I'll try to explain it the best I can:
>> I've a TIcsSocketServer listening for connections on a given port. When 
>> a client connects to the server I receive an OnClientConnect event where
>> I assign some events to the new client socket created. All seems to be 
>> ok at this point. After this the client sends some 'data' to the server 
>> that is correctly parsed in the OnDataAvailable event from the client 
>> socket. All seems to be ok again. When the client has finished his work, 
>> he closes the connection and the server receives an OnClientDisconnect 
>> event. Here is the problem: I'm not allways receiving that event.
>> At first it seems to be all ok and I receive the OnClientDisconnect 
>> event for the first connections, but at a given point no more 
>> OnClientDisconnect events are received. I know for sure that the client 
>> closes the connections because in Windows works fine. I think the 
>> problem only affects to Linux. Recently I've updated the Linux box to a 
>> 2.6 kernel (previously was the 2.4 branch) and now the problem is more 
>> visible, I don't know why.
>> I'm using the ICS for Kylix3 beta4 (this release has not changed for 
>> ages). Is there a new version for Kylix? Is the kylix ICS project dead 
>> or it will continue developing? Does somebody know why the 
>> ClientDisconnet event is not arriving?
> Does ICS work with FPC (Free Pascal Compiler) it is free and compiles to 
> Linux and Windows (plus others)? FPC also has a Delphi compatibility 
> mode so it will also compile Borland Pascal syntax as well as Turbo 
> pascal and fpc pascal.
>> Thank you very much
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