I have taken a look into your Rexecli component and I have a question 
about the behaviour.
What I have done is the following:
I have a test program which in a loop executes your rexeccli 10 
times.(always the same instanciation of the component)
The event I capture is the dataavailable one. What I have seen is 
that(especially in debug mode) that the text property of you component
concatenates the previous run.
for example

wresult is defined as a string
in the dataavailable event I write
wresult :=  fRExec.Text;
if i look in debug mode to this wresult field, it contains as a 
result, the output of run 1 till 10. The number of times I do fRExec.execute 
Apparently it does nog get re-initialized. is this expected behaviour 
or do I need to reset it on the commandone event.

ps: I tried to reach the auther but apparently the email address is not correct 


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