Hi All,

I've been using the ICS components for about 6 or 7 years now, and I have to
say well done to Francois and everyone else who has contributed over the
years.  I've written some reasonably large server oriented systems using the
TWSocket component as the basis for a server framework that I've developed.
Some of these systems handle several hundred thousand requests per day.  All
of the systems in production are compiled with ICS V5.

I've recently upgraded my server framework to use ICS V6, and am at the
point where I have a reasonably stable build, but have noticed a few snags,
random stuff, like server sockets stopping listening under load.  Now I am
not entirely sure if these problems are in the ICS V6 components or my
server framework, as I "upgraded" the framework a bit in converting to ICS
V6.  I guess the question that I'm asking is how stable is the ICS V6
distribution.  Do you feel that it's ready for production systems?



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