Arno Garrels schrieb:
> I wasn't sure about how Winsock/ICS handles simple data corruption.
> What would happen if it happens?

A ethernet 802.x packet is a struct of:
preamble (8 byte) | destination (6 byte) | source (6 byte) | length (2 byte)
| data (46-1500 byte) | fcs (4 byte)

If fcs (frame check sequence) is wrong the packet will be resent. This is
handled by a lower layer or a network device itself (I think by layer 2, the
error correction of the data link layer). I think preamble and fcs are
therefore not seen by protocol analyzers.
For mobile devices or slow connections with medium to large data amount I
would use udp with a custom struct and MD5 for every data chunk of a certain

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