>> > I thought about extending HTTPCli and adding a property,
>> > "CreateMemoryStreams". I use memory streams with HTTPCli and have to
>> > do this for every use. It would be nice it the create/free code was
>> > already done for me with a simple property setting.
>> The best way to do that is not to modify the component but derive a new 
>> one
>> and add the behaviour you like.
> That's what I am going to do.  It's just a handy shortcut for my 
> applications.
> When you derive a component from an installed component do you have to
> create packages for design-time installation? It would be nice if I
> could drop a THHTPCli on a form and then change it to a
> THTTPCli_DescendantName in code and be able to access the properties I
> added.

This is only possible if you don't affect anything the IDE will use. Bad 
idea IMO.
It is better to create your own package and put all your components in that 

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