I get sometimes error reports from clients that a message 'bad connection' 
is show on the screen.
This message is displayed when a special 'connection check thread' that 
shows the connection speed in a progressbar.
It shows this message when the time between a GetAsync and HttpRequestdone 
is more then 5 seconds.
Mostly, when this happens, the program has to be stopped or you have to wait 
for a longer period (30 --90 seconds).
The program uses 3 HttpCli working together.
I've been searching for race conditions, but every instruction (GetAsync, 
PostAsync) is placed in a queue which is checked by the HttpCli in it's 
OnRequestDone event through a PostMessage. So every HttpCli is always freed 
from the previous instruction before starting the next one.
When the program is started again directly when this happens, all 
communication runs fine again immediateley.
I've seen a few times myself, but never during debugging :-(

Dows anyone have an idea ?




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