Hello larry,

> Hello! (\0 NULL CHAR HERE)
> World! (Null char here too)

No this is not correct. You will receive:
Hello CRLF
Workl CRLF

TWSocket receive exacly what is sent without adding or removing any
byte. But you will receive it in 2 packet if yiu set LineMode to CRLF as
Arno pointed out. So set it to something else if you want
OnDataAvailable only 1 time triggered.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Friday, October 20, 2006, 03:35, larry j. ward wrote:

> hello,

>  i'm using TWSocket to send the TMemo text to another client, but i can't
> find a way to get the whole buffer including CRLF, for example:
> The memo1 contains these strings:
> ----------
> Hello(CRLF)
> World!
> ----------

> the remote client does receives the buffer splitted line by line, it handles
> the buffer in this way
> Hello! (\0 NULL CHAR HERE)
> World! (Null char here too)

> so i can't get the whole buffer, in this way i can't send multiple lines
> through clients.  do i have to save the content to stream and then send it
> to the client or just encode the text? or what should i do exactly?
> thanks in advance

> i'm using C++ Builder. (pascal code will be appreciated anyway)

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