The code in Usermade page is a derivation/modification of DXCGI from
BPDX which is a commercial component. Anyway, it is full of bugs. If
you are interested in commercial quality code, email us privately and
we can arrange something.

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On 10/24/06, Francois Piette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm wondering if there is a simple web page with form, using basic CGI
> > that will generate the POST reply back to THTTPServer Post event? For
> > example, the value is entered in text box, and hit Button, and get the
> > reply back from THTTPServer through Post event.
> > The CGI script can be written using C/C++ stand alone exec program if
> > necessary.
> Using a CGI with HTTP server is somewhat counter productive. If you use ICS
> HTTP server component then obviously you are writing your own web server
> program. So it much easier to extend this program directly in Delphi code
> instead of writing an external program in another language.
> The sample WebServ program delivered with ICS show how to handle the items
> posted to the server using an HTML form. Have a look in WebServ1.pas at
> procedure TWebServForm.ProcessPostedData_FormHandler.
> If you really want the CGI interface, for example because you have existing
> CGI you want to reuse, then look at the "usermade" page à
>, there is someone (sorry I forgot his name) who
> implemented the CGI/ISPI interfaces.
> > And, at last, would it be possible if the search box for
> > can be added, instead of
> > opening every subject to find the THTTPServer messages?
> Look in the support page at, you'll see a link to a
> searchable mailing list archive.
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