>> Searching MSDN for SIO_GET_INTERFACE_LIST report a few hits. But
>> WSAIoctl doesn't lit it !
> Thanks I'll investigate more in this, my idea was to incude an utility
> function something like IsSameSubnet(IP: TInAddr): Boolean in
> WSocket.pas provided that it must not use IpHlpApi, supported by
> Winsock/WSocket.pas only.

OK. I think it is important that TWSocket doesn't depend on IpHlpApi. 
Anything needed from this API should be encapsulated in another object which 
could optionnaly linked to TWSocket if the user need that feature. The 
component should continue to work without need for additional API.

> Francois, is IPv6 and enhanced winsock2 support on your roadmap yet?

I have been asked for IPv6 only 2 or 3 times in the past few years. It's a 
feature not really needed at this time. Note that it is probably really easy 
to implement. I lloked at it once and the component probably doesn't need 
much changes.

Enhanced winsock2 would make the component more difficult for cross platform 
(I mean Kylix and .NET). Not sure which benefit could really be obtained. 
Probably only a really smal part of the applications would benefit of this.

So, no those topics are not on my roadmap.
There are for sure more interesting ways of enhancing ICS. I listed a few 
possibilities a few months ago. Remember ? Two frequently asked features are 
video and audio streaming.

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