I know, I know, its been said many times on this mailing list that 
threads are usually a Bad Thing, and that TWSocket in async mode can 
handle most anything with ease..

But still, I have to ask for you guys' opinion..

The client server would not be multi-threaded.. Theres just not enough 
data to worry about for the clients..

But the server.. Each client would be sending data packets, 1024 bytes 
or less, and quite possibly very rapid fire.

 From there, the server takes the incoming packet, parses it, makes 
changes to the local data stores, and then relays the packet (sometimes, 
a modified packet) on to all other clients that are connected.

As far as threads.. Was thinking that TWSocket itself would not be in a 
thread.. However, the packet processor and relay code would be.. More 
specifically, at the server level, buffer the incoming data to some 
pre-determined amount, then fire off a thread to process that buffer..


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