I tried the direct calling of the timer without succes (I think some of
the affected VCL-components [like ListView and JvSimScope from JEDI]
need windows messages for their updating as well).

I also tried the thread based approach but without success. If I pack
the ICS communication into a thread I can connect but the rest doesn't
work. The thread looks like this:

- create which sets FreeOnTerminate and starts the thread
- execute which sets up a TWSocket as TCP-Server with
- in the OnSessionAvailable of that TWSocket another one is created with
  multithreaded:=true as well and the connection is handed over (just
  reused the code which wasn't in the thread before and worked before
  packing it in the thread, but with a bad resonding GUI)
- in the execute I have a loop like this after creating the
  server socket:

  while not terminated do
    GetMessage(msg, 0, 0, 0);

    if msg.message = wm_mythreadquit then break;


- the thread has a overriden Terminate which
  PostThreadMessage(self.threadid, wm_mythreadquit);

Terminating the thread works well but all ICS communication
doesn't work.

Sending calls via the socket are done from outside the
thread's context and are embedded in other threads, but I
don't get a crash, so that's no problem except it simply
doesn't send...

What's wrong here?



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