>> I never noticed something like that. I think that _any_ mail now takes
>> approximately 2 hours to process at elist.org. The delay started with
>> 30 minutes or so and grew to current 2 hours. 
>> Is there anybody not having this problem?

> Looking back through emails from the list I receive, it seems
> that on October 30th the gap between TimeSent and
> TimeReceived started growing from the usual time of
> less than 5 minutes to about 15 minutes, to about 30
> minutes the next day, and now about 2 hours today.

I contacted the mailing list host administrator. Here is his explanation:

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This is due to the additional sender and recipient checking that is now 
in place. Postfix will no longer accept connections from invalid domains 
and unknown hosts. It will do a dns look-up for every inbound connection 
and also checks against the following dns blacklists before processing 
inbound messages:


Any matches result in the connection being dropped.

Postfix now also checks for valid recipient domains when processing 
outbound emails. This is where the real bottleneck occurs, because there 
are so many invalid member email addresses in the various lists. When an 
invalid recipient domain is detected, the message sending is deferred 
and each deferred message added to the queue increases the processing 
time. Several hundred messages in the queue really slows things down.

Whilst this checking is causing problems now, it is better to stop the 
spam before it gets in the front door.

Fixing this involves filtering out the list of invalid recipient domains 
and email addresses and cross referencing them with the members email 
addresses and enabling the "no mail" option in the membership management 
screen. Once this is done the processing speed will improve considerably.

The time frame to complete will be a few days.

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