> : >I want the browser to display a upload progress bar while
> : > an HTTP file upload is taking place.
> : while the browser is busy uploading the file, you may have another 
> browser
> : window (a popup window) updated on a regular basis either purely locally
> : using javascript (not sure you have access to file size) or using
> : xmlhttprequest object (that is some Ajax technology) to request the
> : information from the server. The server being able to get upload size 
> from
> : content-length header line, if the client sent it in the first place 
> (I'm
> : not sure it is sent but you can easily check for that).

> So to summarize:
> Can we know how many byte have been uploaded at a given on the client side
> (using javascript)?
> Can we know file size being uploaded at a given on the client side (using
> javascript)?

I don't know. Have a look at some javascript reference manuel. Or ask in a 
Javascript newsgroup. It is quite out of topic here.

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