Hello everyone.

I'm having good progress using the THttpCli component, but now I need to 
have a few things cleared in my mind:

(1) I noticed THttpCli component always triggers it's OnRequestDone 
event when it finishes processing, no matter what caused this processing 
to stop (successfully finished downloading the document, stopped because 
of network error, stopped because I called Abort). Is this true? Is 
there a situation where processing finished but OnRequestDone is NOT 
called? Or the reverse, a situation where OnRequestDone is called but 
the component is not done?

(2) Can I use the ErrCode parameter of OnRequestDone as an reliable 
indicator of "normal processing"? I need to distinguish between normal 
"request done" and "request done" because of anything else. Abnormal 
request need to be retried, making use of HttpCli's ContentRangeBegin...

(3) If ErrCode is not an good indicator of error/success, is 
HttpCli.StatusCode an good indicator? (my guess is this not good)

(4) I noticed HttpCli.State = httpReady when the component is "ready". 
Is State ever httpReady in the course of normal processing?

My questions might be a bit dumb but I'm new to the concept of async 
processing in ICS and I need to make sure I get it right!

Cosmin Prund
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