I will be receiving a variety of structs/records, all of different sizes and


How can I (in the OnDataAvailable() handler, I assume), determine/identify
which record has just come in, so that I can process it accordingly?


OnDataAvailable() should only fire once for each record, because I am having
the sender add a #126 (~) as the last byte of each record, and using
LineMode with LineEnd = #126.


All of the records have as their first member an Integer named OpCode which
identifies itself as to which type of record it is, such as:


  PInductionComplete = ^TInductionComplete;

  TInductionComplete = packed record

    OpCode: Integer;

    Sort: Integer;

    CarrierCount: Integer;

    GreenLightMilliseconds: Integer;

    OccupiedTrays: Integer;

    RecordTerminator: Char; //This is the #126, or tilde/~ char



Can I use PeekData() for this, and then, after looking under the hood, pass
the record off intact to the appropriate method? If yes, does anybody have a
code sample, or at least pseudocode for this?


If no, does anybody have code sample or pseudocode for how I should handle
it instead?


I want to be able to do something like this:


procedure TfClientMain.WSocket_AsServerDataAvailable(Sender: TObject;
ErrCode: Word);


  BLA = 1;

  BLEE = 2;


  iOpCode: Integer;


  if ErrCode <> 0 then begin



      Format(sErrorNInWSocket_AsServerDataAvailable, [ErrCode]),




  iOpCode := ExtractOpCode from record

  case iOpCode of

  BLA: ProcessBla(SocketData)

  BLEE: ProcessBlee(SocketData)

  . . .


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