> I have a TWSocketServer which is listening incoming clients connections.
> Once a client is connected, the server send data to it.
> Sometimes, I need this client to send command to the server.
> Is it possible with ics components ?
> If yes, how can I do it ?

When the client is connected to the server, you have a bi-directionnal 
communication channel. The server can send data to client and client can 
send data to the server.

If the client isn't connected, the server has no way to send anything to the 
client. By definition a client is the one which initiate a connection and a 
server is the one which passively wait for incomming connections.

Of course nothing prevent your client to be also a server !

Speaking about TWSocketServer, you have an indexed property Client[] which 
allows the developper to access to any connected client. You -have 
ClientCount property telling the size of the client array. You can do 
something like that (Not tested, just tuyped here in the message):

for i := 0 to WSocketServer1.ClientCount - 1 do
    WSocketServer1.Client[I].SendStr('Hello World'#13#10);

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