Francois Piette wrote:
>> I'm using THttpServer to send a document myself (using hgWillSendMySelf)
>> so I can keep sending new data without requiring a new connection. It
>> works just fine. Now I want to do the same the other way around: I want
>> to use THttpCli to continually "post" data, without closing the
> connection.
> You can have a HTTP post which never ends. But probably it is not what you
> really want. Since you control the client part, why not send as many HTTP
> requests as you need ?

Using hgWillSendMySelf I noticed the proxy server immediately connects 
the client to the server and the connection is kept open as long as I'm 
sending data. If the proxy server does the same for the "long HTTP post" 
it would provide a very valuable tool for what I need. If it doesn't 
work I'll simply use as many HTTP posts as necessary. And if it makes 
any difference, for this part of my application I control both the 
"client" and the "server"; It's the potential proxy in the middle I'm 
not controlling. I need to use HTTP to make sure it works through the proxy.

On a different note, how do programs like "zebedee" provide a TCP/IP 
tunnel through a HTTP proxy? I understand how the "downstream" part 
works, but how about the "upstream" part?

Cosmin Prund
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