I've some basic questions regarding e-mail sending from my app. 
preferably using ICS.

I'd like to send e-mail when my app. detects a failure (not within the 
app. but in the hardware it monitors). I need to use the SMTP component, 
ok but:

1. I'm also using MadExcept which has some option to
    "act as a SMTP server". So how does this work, how compatible would
    this be, what benefit would I have from it?

2. If not acting as SMTP server myself, what data would the user need to
    specify so that I can connect and send e-mails?
    - e-mail address of the sender
    - login name and account of the e-mail account
    - name and port of the SMTP server

3. How can I initiate a connection? My app. might be installed
    somewhere where:
    - only a dial up connection is available, how to dial it?
    - a connection via LAN (e.g. DSL) is available, how to use it?
    - a proxy is used, how to use that?

    and: what information do I need to be able to use all three
    options depending on availability? (user selects which to use)

Oh, and the usual "advertising" to fill up the Wiki...
...maybe someone wants to spend something to ICS, maybe improving
the TPing component entry I started recently?



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