First at all I must apologize about my english, it's not as good as it 
should be.

I have a server developed using ICS which doesn't use threads. But now, 
I have a new requirementes that I think will be requiring the use of 
threads. For certain client inquiries I need to connect my server to 
another one (it will perform as a switch between systems), and that 
operation could take some time (maybe seconds)

My idea is that when this kind of request are received, I will select a 
free thread from a pool of working threads that perform the conection to 
the other server, and when the results arrives, Send() it to the client. 
As I understand I need first to use the ThreadDetach from the context of 
the main thread, and then call ThreadAttach at the execute method of the 

My doubt is that after this operation finalizes, there would be more 
comunications between the server and the client, and for them I do not 
think it's a good idea to continue working at the thread context. In the 
examples I saw, there's and adittional call to ThreadDetach at the end 
of the thread execution, and my doubt here is what happens with 
subsequent communications from the client side, will they be managed 
from the main thread ? (considering that I first called ThreadDetach at 
this context)

I appreciatte any help regarding this,

Thanks in advance,

Raúl Olivencia
Montevideo, Uruguay

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