This little message to remind everyone that there is a wiki for ICS 
The wiki is authored by various contributors. Anyone can help !
If you want to help, please contact me by email. There is work for any level 
of ICS expertize: from  non experize at all to very specific knowledges. 
Everyone can write a small part according to his knowledges. It is even not 
needed to know ICS: it is enough to be able to read a Delphi class 
declaration and enter all the properties, methods and events for a given 
component. You don't know how to describe the properties, methods or events 
? Do problem, just enter the definition in the wiki, someone else will enter 
the descriptions ! Of course if you have good knowledges about one 
component, you are the guy to write the detailed descriptions.

If you have some spare time, consider using it to write a little bit of ICS 

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