Ok a while back I asked about receive buffer sizes and increasing them and
Francois gave me some example setter code that I wasnt able to get working
for whatever reason. I dont know much about coding sockets in general so
using ICS has made my applications function on the network well without me
having to read socket books the size of the bible in length.

I found the following C code that I need to use in ICS, porting it isnt a
problem for me its just where to put it:

int result;
int buffsize = 30000;

Where would I apply this code at in ICSv6? I dont want to screw anything up
with ICS and last time the code I put in from Francois didnt seem to work so
maybe its where I added it even though I thought I followed the directions
under the onsessionconnected() event where I had the code before. The
default system tcp window size isnt cutting it with all the data being sent
to my application in ICS so I need to increase the buffer size for more
throughput to be handled / sec on my applications socket end. Any help with
this would be appreciated and I'll let you know how I made out since I cant
seem to figure out what the heck I've done wrong with this previously.

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