Although throttling has been brought up many times, I'm still
in search for a simple throttling mechanism for my single-threaded
server app.

I just did a search in my emails, and found the following mentioning
of throttling:

Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> has a wrapper for TWSocket class:

There is a link here but the link to the code is broken, so I don't
know how it works:

Dan's class would work if I'm using a TWSocket class directly.
However, I'm actually using a TWSocketServer class, which in turn
instantiates TWSocketClient class, which inherits from TWSocket. So, in
order to use Dan's throttler, I'll have to change ICS code quite
a bit, which I don't intent to do (for ease of ICS upgrade.)

I'm using a single threaded server, so multi-threaded throttling
mechanism won't be applicable.

It sounds like a good idea to integrate Dan's throttler into ICS,
if Dan and Francois agree. What do others say? Or, is there any
easier ways to throttle the TWSocketClient class?

Best regards,

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