Hello Henrik,

Just tested  with latest V5 beta, but works great?

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

Henrik wrote:
> Hi!
> I have probably misunderstood something because I get the same
> behavior described below no matter which of the components SmtpCli,
> SyncSmtpCli and HtmlSmtpCli I use.
> The problem has to do with freeing the smtp-components parent form.
> You can easily duplicate the behavior with one of the standard demo
> applications: * Open Your favorite demo of  MailSnd, MimeTst or
> MailHtml. (I proceed with MailSnd-demo below.)
> * Add a new form with a button to the project. Write the following in
> the buttons OnClick method:
>       procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
>       begin
>           SmtpTestForm := TSmtpTestForm.Create(Application);
>           try
>               SmtpTestForm.ShowModal;
>           finally
>               SmtpTestForm.Release;
>           end;
>       end;
> * Click on the menu: "Project" - "Options", and remove the
> SmtpTestFrom from the "Auto-createForms" list.
> * Run the application and click the button. SmtpTestForm opens and
> You can send lots of e-mails.
> * Close SmtpTestForm and press the button again. Try to send yet
> another email and You get stuck!
> I guess I'm doing something fundamentally wrong?! I have narrowed it
> down to that everything works as expected if I don't release the form.
> (I get the same error when setting Action to caFree in
> SmtpTestFrom.OnClose.)
> Is it not a good idea to free a manually created form?
> Best Regards
> Henrik
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