Hello !

Your components are really great. But i've faced with some problems out here. I'm trying to make multithreaded FTP list checker. I'm not going to talk a lot, i'll just post code of creating TFTPCli component and using it. Here it is (it is very simple):
  // [FTP Component initialization]
  FTP = new TFtpClient(NULL);
  FTP->Binary = true;
  FTP->Port = "ftp";
  FTP->Timeout = 15;
  FTP->ShareMode = ftpShareExclusive;
  FTP->Passive = true;
  FTP->MultiThreaded = true;
  FTP->ConnectionType = ftpDirect;
  // [/FTP Component initialization]
Then in loop "do-while" im taking information from TListView and binding it to the component (Host, User and Pass). Then i'm starting all that. First 3-4 FTPs are checked very good, but ALMOST all others receive such error:
  "500 DNS lookup error - Interrupted system call (#10004)"
I'm totally sure that this is bug of TFTPClient when you trying to use threads, because if i'll check again those FTPs who had such answer - they will work normally (it is somehow related to blocking hooks or sockets, i don't know exactly).

Can you please tell, how to fix that out ?

P.S.: I've attached to letter my program source code. Maybe that will help you find out the real reason of that. There is very simple code. It was created in Borland C++Builder version 6.

With Respect,

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