I have to send a Get request to retrieve informations :
In the URL, i write a number and the Get request returns the 
informations. That works fine.

To increase the speed (300 000 GET to make !) I have tried to use 5 
THttpCli with 5 streams (i uses array of THttpCli and correspondant 
Streams). Each THttpCli has a different Tag (1 to 5) to allow the 
RequestDone know the THttpCli sender;

So I launch Request(1) which make the GET number 1 with number 1
Then I launch Request(2) which make the same but with number 2...

... and I get a Violation access. I guess it's because all the THttpCli 
uses the same RequestDone procedure (the THttpCli is known by its Tag : 
1 to 5).

Maybe not a good way to make this job. Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot
Jean-Paul Passama
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