Henrik wrote:

> (According to Arno he had tested the example procedure we have been
> talking 
> about on a computer with Intel Dual Core and XP without any problems.

> since he continued to talk about external issues... :-)

Correct, since we cannot be sure that you tried everything
you can to rule out external issues.

Have you scanned with a different AV tool yet, i.e. Norton AV trial?
Have you checked for spyware and trojan horses?

Can you rule out that an application that has set a global hook is
actually working correctly? i.e. RealVNC server injects a wm_hook.dll
into each process space, if such interception was buggy one can
imagine that it would hurt, ICS may be hit especially since TWSocket
is being notified about socket events by window messages. View the
DLLs linked to a process with ProcessExplorer:

It also may help to see a packet dump logged with Ethereal.

>> winsock while ICS uses the non blocking calls.
> Is this also true with SyncSmtpCli? 


Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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