Hi Wilfried and Francois!

Wilfried wrote:
> But you can safely use ForceLoadWinsock ! There is 
> absolutely no problem to use it. Only me (we) wanted 
> to dig out where the problem is.
> ForceLoadWinsock did solve the problem as I recall
> some days ago.

Francois wrote: 
> I saw that using WSocketForceLoadWinsock solve the
> problem. Why not using it ? It has no adverse effect
> in your case. It would be annoying only when your 
> application has to run whenever winsock is installed 
> or not. Those days, it is hard to find a system where
> TCP/IP stack is not installed !

To summarize the problem:
When trying to switch from Indy to ICS using a company standard "e-mail
unit" with a single function: SendEmail(host, address...) that takes care of
creating a status form with the smtp component, our applications were
starting to freeze on some machines at our customers when emails where to be
sent the second time.

We have now discovered that:
Yes, the error do not arise when using WSocketForceLoadWinsock or having the
smtp component on the main form (or creating a dummy smtp component at
runtime and let it exist while the application is running).
So we've found a workaround but feels a bit unsatisfied not finding what
causes the problem. 

As I've mentioned before I'm not very initiated in the fields that ICS is
handling for me and now I feel like a real rookie because I'm not that
initiated in dll-using either... You say that it has no adverse effect using
WSocketForceLoadWinsock in my case: but doesn't the use of
WSocketForceLoadWinsock on applications startup mean that the dll is loaded
the whole time the applications is running?

I don't know if that has some bad effects like bigger memory usage or so but
at least it doesn't feel that satisfying to have the dll loaded all the time
even if the application is not going to use it. 
Also if I have to manually load the dll on application startup the whole
idea to use one simple function to send emails get lost. That was why I used
the some what strange (I admit that) work around to create an application
wide dummy smtp component the first time the function is called. The dummy
makes it possible to call the email function as many times You want when the
application is running and hopefully it is deleted when application is

Best Regards
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