Hello twsocket,

  I'm trying to write a simple web server and I want it to be
  accessible for authorized users only. I also want it to use
  different folders for different users, for example, when "admin"
  connects to http://localhost/, he sees "c:\" listing and when
  "user" connects to the same url, he sees "c:\limited\" listing.

  I made the authorization routines and all works fine. However, I'm
  not sure that I used a safe method to set the root folder for the
  user. I thought it should be done in

  > procedure Tfemform.httpAuthGetPassword(Sender, Client: TObject;

  right after the password was verified, and I hoped that

  > clientcnx.DocDir:=ehroot.Text;

  will work, but it doesn't. The users sees the "THttpSerber.DocDir"
  anyway. I only made it work by changing the path for the whole
  component (THttpServer.DocDir) and I'm not sure that it is safe
  enough. I expect it this change may be harmful when many users use
  the server at one time. Can you suggest anything? Is it possible to
  change a root for a user without changing the root of the whole
  component? Thanks.

  PS: The root can be easily changed in ftp module for every user, but I
  can't make it work in http module.

Best regards,
 Antol                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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