Hi all,

I've never used the email components before, so forgive me if these are dumb 
questions. I've been looking at the MailRcv demo, and while I think I have 
an idea what it's doing, I'm a little confused.

What is the difference between Open and Connect? Is it that Connect simply 
gets the server's attention, so to speak, such that User, Pass etc can be 
sent as required, while Open encapsulates the process into one step? Or am I 
way off with this?

How do I determine whether the server supports APOP or not? Likewise, how do 
I determine whether the server requires authentication (am I right in that 
this would correspond to POP3 AUTH, RFC1734?) and if so, what type to use? I 
suppose it's reasonable to expect the user to know whether the server 
requires authentication, and a check box to that effect as in Outlook 
Express, for example, would solve the first part of the question, but even 
so, how should I determine what value should go in AuthType?

I have a feeling that I'm making this far more complex than it needs to be - 
any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Rob Ashburn. 

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