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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Problem in Java compatibility in HTTP digest auth

> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We received some reports that Java applets do not work with ICS
>> THttpServer digest auth. I debugged the code and it seems that Java
>> does not pass "nc=" and "qop=" arguments. What should they be assumed
>> as? Is this a bug in Java? Yet still, shouldn't we be compatible with
>> such a widely used language?
> Wasn't Digest Auth your own contribution?
> In order to find out who is buggy here the RFCs should give a hint.

We had a contract with a Bulgarian coder with whom we cancelled work with. 
Francois fixed his code...

Apache accepts the Java input but ICS does not. As I wrote before, it does 
not send "nc=..." and "qop=...". And the calculated checksums by ICS never 

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