I have a throughput/performance problem using the latest stable version
of the ICS package. When using a TWSocket derived application over an
TCP/IP connection with high round trip times and small packet sizes (it
is an 155 MBit ATM line) the throughput is very low. To check, if there
is a general problem in my application I also checked the throughput
with the FTP Server example and further with an FTP Server example from
the Indy10 component package.

The results for delivering a file over the line was:

 ~ 1.18 MB/s when using my application
 ~ 1.2 MB/s when using the ICS FTP demo server
 ~ 6.5 MB/s when using the Indy10 FTP demo server

What can I do to improve the throughput in my application? Are there any
known tweaks?

I'd like to avoid changing to Indy because I like the clear and simple
structured sources of ICS.

Please share your thoughts,

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