Hello Tobias,

You find on my site a few programs to test performance with TWSocket.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Monday, January 15, 2007, 16:33, Tobias Rapp wrote:

>> To improve performance you can make your packets equal to the MTU, or
>> switch Nagle off. There are some notes on Microsoft site about this. If
>> you search for Nagle on MSDN you will find a lots information about
>> that. They dont encourage to switch it off but in some cases (maybe
>> yours) it is better. Note that you have to switch it of at both ends.

> I tested it with Nagle=off but without singnificant changes.

> Then I had the idea to capture the IP traffic that occurs when
> delivering the file with the ICS/Indy FTP servers. There is one big
> difference:

>  - When delivering the file with ICS FTP server the server sends 2 IP
> packets (1448 + 600 bytes data) and then seems to wait for ACK. Note
> that I did not switch Nagle off in that test.

>  - When delivering the file with Indy10 FTP server the server sends many
> IP packets (up to 60 packets of 1448 bytes each) until the first ACKs
> arrive.

> Are there any socket options regarding that behaviour?

>> The ICS demo programs are not specifically written to improve speed.
>> They are written to give a as mutch as possible clear for newcomers. A
>> PII300 CPU can easy saturate a 100 mbps network with TWSocket.

> My data delivery application uses some specific XML protocol for talking
> with the client which is implemented in a tWSocket-derived component. I
> just wanted to make sure it is not something in my socket that slows
> down data throughput significantly and thus made a test with the 'plain'
> FTP server component as found in the ICS FTP demo server project.

> /Tobias

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